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To direct and encourage Black men to love, honor, support, respect and protect  their children, families and communities.  

Life-Saving & Life-Giving Presentations

(We-bMEN) provides life-saving and solution-focused presentations and trainings related to the personal, social, educational, mental and cultural health and well-being of Black men, families and the community-at-large.  

If not us Black Men/Fathers, then Who!

Richard A. Rowe

Over the past 30 years, Richard A. Rowe has provided training to hundreds of volunteers, parents, educators, community leaders and organizations – both locally and nationally. 

He has been a senior level manager for several community-based non-profit organizations and has been a consultant for the National Mentoring Center, the African American Men’s Leadership Institute and The Black Mental Health Alliance, Inc. He served as a co-host for one of Morgan State University’s popular radio show, “Dialogue with the African American Male.”  Richard graduated from both the University of Baltimore and Morgan State University. He has also been awarded several fellowships to advance his work related to the optimal psychological, educational  and social development of Black men and young men.” He is a contributing writer to several local / national publications and Web Sites and is the author of a life-saving book of  poems entitled, “Wanted Black Men: Only Serious Black Men Need Apply.”



I offer transformative and life-changing presentations on the following topics: 

-Wanted Black Fathers

-Serious Black Men Defined

-Black Fathers, Let's Stop Playing

-If Not Us Black Men/Fathers, Then Who

-Honoring Black Fatherhood

-Those That Father Black Children


I offer two trainings a year that are focused on exceptional Black manhood / fatherhood development 


  • Develop a Success Identity ("I am because we are." - African proverb)
  • Create a Success Vision  ("Education is the passport to the future. The future belongs to those that prepare for it today." Malcolm X}
  • Internalize Success Messages ("Not everything we face can be changed, but nothing can be changed until we face it." James Baldwin)
  • Engage in Success Activities (Individually and with Peers)  (“The thing to do is to get organized; keep separated and you will be exploited, you will be robbed, you will be killed. Get organized and you will compel the world to respect you.” – Marcus Garvey}

“There can be no black-white unity until there is first some black unity…. We cannot think of uniting with others, until after we have first united among ourselves. We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.” - Malcolm X


Information and Resources

I provide an annual "Resource List" of culturally relevant public/private services, opportunities and programs to educate and inform African American families, educators women, men and community leaders of quality information, effective resources and trainings. 

Support Our Movement

Your support and generous contributions will enable us to meet our goals to provide life-affirming and life-saving information and resources to Black men, Black families and communities.

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Wanted Black Fathers

 The African American community is seeking conscious, confident and competent Black men to serve as full-time, direction-giving and positive example-setting fathers. Candidates applying for this honorable, noble and critical position must be willing to place  their children and families first. They must have an abiding and profound love for themselves, their children and families beyond the verbal and superficial.   

Apply for and receive further details about this position and BOOK by visiting www.whateverittakesblackmen.com

Apply only when ready and prepared to move rhetoric beyond the verbal and superficial.


Family Literacy Event

Sat March 31st

12 PM - 4 PM
Waverly Library Enoch Pratt Free Library

400 E. 33rd Street Baltimore, MD

Join us for an exciting day highlighting the power of celebrating literacy and families. You"ll enjoy an afternoon with several "Black Indie authors" of adult and children"s books.

*First 25 families receive FREE autographed books*


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Richard A. Rowe

4101 Lowell Drive, Baltimore, MD 21208, us

(410) 404-3745

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